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The past week or so has been quite busy, with barely any time to relax even during the weekends.

My body is also more demanding these days in terms of sleep. That is, afternoon naps are practically compulsory, which means I need to zone out for a few hours before I can function in the evenings to run a household, take care of a perpetually hungry husband and cope with a baby kicking like Jet Li.

Here are my responses to the Week 683: 29 February 2016 installment of Unconscious Mutterings:

1. Hold: To Have, Not to Hold, a song by Madonna from her Ray of Light album
2. Stubble: Rough
3. Checking account: Bounced
4. Dove: Body cream
5. Hollow: Sleepy
6. Shape: Oddly
7. Full: Bodied
8. Nails: Spa appointment this Thursday
9. Masking: URL
10. Host: A fairly new TLD
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One more day to go, not counting today, until the weekend here in Oman.

Due to my advancing pregnancy, it has been an exhausting and rather stressful week for some reason. My schedule is no worse than usual, but even the mere act of climbing stairs is a challenge. I am on to my 33rd week come tomorrow - about seven weeks more to go!

My answers to the Week 682: 21 February 2016 prompts of Unconscious Mutterings follow.

1. Deep dive: Coral reefs
2. Puppies: Squee!
3. Bow: And arrow
4. Clown: Make-up
5. Fresh!: Juices
6. Munch: All day long
7. Jack: In the box
8. Boiled: Eggs
9. Elected: Officials
10. Book club: Wanted to join one forever, haven't found decent ones nearby
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Hope everyone is having an excellent Valentine's weekend!

Here are my answers to the Week 681: 14 February 2016 edition of Unconscious Mutterings:

1. Buff: Body
2. Spiderwebs: Cotton candy
3. Hostile: Takeover
4. Viewed: Hits
5. Cross: To bear
6. Load: My gun
7. Reboot: My laptop
9. Smell: The roses
9. Sniffle: Got a cold
10. Company: Benefits
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It's the Valentine's weekend! Below are my answers to the Week 680: 8 February 2016 edition of Unconscious Mutterings.

1. Pleasure: Climax
2. Emoticon: Stickers
3. Race: Spartan
4. Highlight: Kawaii pink markers
5. 56: Highway
6. Error: 404
7. Taken: Liam Neeson
8. Street food: Fishballs, kikiam and tempura
9. Common sense: A rare find
10. Grace: Fallen
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I am going out for lunch in a little more than an hour and, afterwards, getting my nails done at my regular salon. I am dying for a cup of coffee and some hearty food as I am feeling really drowsy and peckish at the moment. Also hoping to get some shopping in at the mall to see if there are any remnants from the January sales.

Below are my replies to prompts of Week 679: 1 February 2016 prompts of Unconscious Mutterings:

1. Temper: Control
2. Late!: Rushing
3. Status: Update
4. Breakfast: Pancakes
5. Hopeless: Devoted
6. 365: Days except in a leap year
7. Lottery: Long shot
8. Cancer: Crabs
9. Facebook: Often annoying
10. Date: Got one for Valentine's - Brunch with the hubby!
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In one of my constant online meanderings and wanderings, I came across Unconscious Mutterings.

Basically, it is one of those memes that were popular in the 2000s. It is quite refreshing to see that it is still running actively after so many years. This particular weekly meme has quite an interesting premise, namely, free association.

The Unconscious Mutterings website defines the term as follows: Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content."

In addition, Rules are, there are no rules. In effect, no answers are right or wrong. The blogger simply has to come up with an object or some such to associate with each of the ten words/terms posted per week.

Below are my answers to the Week 678: 25 January 2016 installment:

1. Woke: Less than an hour ago
2. Postcard: Collection
3. Blizzard: Some kind of slushie drink or sundae
4. Pooch: Cute
5. Constipated: Laxative
6. Pastel: Shades
7. Edge: WWE
8. Mother: Soon to be one
9. Linger: A Cranberries song
10. Header: Images
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Welcome to Belili's DreamWidth journal.

The service has a very interesting community concept and I wholeheartedly support its inclination towards building a circle for artists, writers, etc.

I am loving DW, as (1) I get the usernames I like and (2) no ugly ads, even if I'm not logged in.

This journal is mostly for sharing sundry links and logs, and constitutes a tasty slice of my network under the main Belle Bytes blog.
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